Don’t fill those eyeballs or earholes with anything less than award-winning, Chicago-crafted greenshirtbigcontent. Browse these selected social media, writing, production and graphic design samples. Contact to discuss availability on your project.


Social Media

  • August 2018: Selected by Pitchfork Media to curate the @pitchfork Instagram account (731K followers) in conjunction with a Chicago band’s performance.
  • Social media account manager, National Association of Realtors Commercial Division.  Developed and executed campaigns to raise awareness among membership of the US’s largest trade association. Wrote hundreds of posts and engaged on Twitter (@commsource, 32,000 followers) and Facebook accounts. Specialized in commercial real estate content written in a national trends focus.
  • Social media account manager and blogger for commercial real estate data firm Xceligent, Inc.’s now-defunct Commercial Search listings platform.  Scheduled content by working with SEO consultant vendors, raising clicks on the platform by 15% over three months.
  • Publisher and curator of @DigitalCashNews, a feed of cryptocurrency news on Twitter.

Economics / Technology 

Production  / Screenwriting

Science / Technology


Entertainment / Sports

Op-Ed / Politics (selected)

  • Kentucky Oops: Grandmama And The Senator (Huffington Post)
  • A Year In David Mamet’s Marketplace (Huffington Post)
  • Called The Shot: Facebook, personal update, July 28, 2016: “If you gamble on second best, you should own it if you lose. [Bernie] Sanders and his policies were and still are way more popular than either HRC or Trump ever were. The [Democratic] primary process is supposed to meaningfully settle that question of popularity, but it absolutely did not, thanks largely to the HRC-biased DNC’s now-proven direct shaping of news coverage during the primary, starving Sanders of screen time at least ten to one. What you’re seeing from the DNC is a giant gamble on the power of political inertia, which often works. But this decision should scare the shit out of you because this election season is literally filled with unprecedented events reflecting a historically low tolerance along the electorate for ordinary candidates. Gender aside, HRC is as ordinary and establishment as they come. She’s in big trouble for the same reason Obama cleaned her clock in ’08: she is who people disgusted with Washington think about when they complain about the same old crap from out-of-touch politicians. As sick as it is, Trump’s message calling for an end to business as usual is at least as powerful to angry older working people as Obama’s campaign message of transparency, hope and change was with younger voters. The bell can’t be unrung now, and I hope I’m wrong (you have no idea how much I hope I’m wrong) but HRC is probably going to lose.

Humor / Features

Graphic Design

  • 7″ Record Sleeve – Design selected for Smithsonian / National Design Museum exhibit “Mixing Messages” (1996)
  • Frontier: Band promo photo: Concept, designed and fabricated ID cards for special promo photo motif.
  • Aught-Seven (2008): Satirical product stickers for promotion of 2008 launch of a creative firm. (Artist: Heather Smith)
  • Band Logo: U.F. Faux (Chicago-based UFO cover band)

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