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let’s review

okay, a few days before the us invaded iraq, at the peak of the war fever, at the exact moment the us was getting comfy with the idea to take some payback for 9/11, this blog made a few bold statements and predictions. we are more than 13 months later on; lets’ see how we did.

in this blog 13 months ago:

iraq did not destroy the world trade center.

since then:

score: this blog 1 for 1

13 months ago:

[instead of iraq, let’s examine the saudis.] at least 12 and possibly 17 of the 20 hijackers came from saudi arabia. osama bin laden came from saudi arabia. church and state are one and the same in saudi arabia. the holiest cities in islam are part of saudi arabia with zero degree of separation.

since then:

score: this blog 2 for 2

13 months ago:

iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were given to them by american corporations!

since then:
(note the bit about rumsfeld playing the gladhanding chemical weapons dealer to his pal saddam. i can’t WAIT for this trial.)

score: this blog 3 for 3

13 months ago:

it’s been decades since any president has truly been the commander in chief of the military-industrial complex of the usa.

since then:

score: SAF blog 3 for 4. i’m not scoring this as a hit because the premise of my statement is still without explicit support that i can easily dredge up. but bush testifying before the 9/11 commission with cheney’s hand up his ass should illustrate how truly vacated the chief executive can really be, which remains an important point.

13 months ago:

iraq will be in huge risk of falling apart into bloody pieces as yugoslavia and russia did without the iron heel of [hussein] in charge…in order to not make the region much more unstable, the us will need to preserve the apparatus of repressive dictatorship even after we kill the dictator.

since then:

this blog: 4 for 5

you know, it’s a sad state of affairs when journalism has degraded itself as a profession so thoroughly that a rock band blog will tell you what the fuck is happening with more accuracy and prescience than any major media outlet.


mess with texas

jeff skilling, former enron ceo and brother to beloved chicago weatherman tom skilling, had a rough night earlier this month.

the disgraced ceo who once told congress “it was dark in the room that day” when faced with his signature on smoking gun memos detailing financial crimes committed against enron’s employees and shareholders went on a bender earlier this month in the big apple.

the entertaining details paint a lifelong high-fiving white guy ripped from the bosom of acceptance, spitting paranoia in all directons while simultaneously bragging to his drinking partners that he would “fly them down to houston and provide them with their own maid” at his mansion.

corruption so complete can be poetic. at one point, the embattled captain of industry wobbled out to the manhattan street, placed his hands behind his back and inquired to the night sky if the “FBI cameras were getting all of this.”

silly white man. doesn’t he know that the government is absolutely, positively NOT paying much attention to the skies over new york?


failure to suck, part one

hey, the guy who invented web pages and web software, tim berners-lee just picked up a massive cash prize for his genius. in the spirit of recognition of the web’s creator, why don’t i put together a list of the web’s worthiest locations? the obvious answer follows: “because there aren’t any worthy locations.” but that would be impudent and cynical and unfair to dr. berners-lee, a guy who deserves billions in a world where bill gates couldn’t shine his shoes. so here’s the tip-top of the short list:

subservient chicken tell the chicken what to do. puzzle over its oblique interperetations or the prisoner locator bracelet on its right ankle. try not to have nightmares over the idea that this chicken is somewhere. brought to you by…burger king?!? what exactly the fuck?

little steven’s underground garage syndicated radio show rolling the best primitive garage rock from the day and from today. i love new jersey tough-guy personas who speak with a lisp.

the smoking gun unlike ‘reality’ tv shows, documents culled from real law enforcement agencies, courts and bureacracies provide more than light entertainment. they provide the kind of painful confirmations that will never, ever let you take at face value anything an institution tells you ever again.

jack chick christian comics before the era of the web, it took more than a cheap hosting account and a couple of html page templates to publish your specious piety to the world. back then, it took hard assets. paper! ink! a printing press! an incomparable drawing style – all of these and more were needed to disseminate idiotic branded belief systems ranging from religious fundamentalism to rock band fan club newsletters. the chick tracts have to be a huge success as they have been appearing regulalry for over twenty years. scary and fun.



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