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went to a show the other week. saw 90 day men (band’s own website appears to be down) and they were really exciting. they recently added a full-time piano player into a gtr/bs/drums array, and the results are a joy to hear live. the “post-whatever” material boils down usually to the piano player andy lansagan listening closely to the rest of the band who are at the same time apparently listening closely to him(!) this sounds simple, but is quite a rare trick, especially in a rock band with any guts. they came out last year with a disc called to everybody that doesn’t do justice to how this band has gelled in the intervening time. as far as the vocals go, well, did i point out that the band is really great? see them, see them.

also saw boas who used to be called mansion. the first ep they did was at clava studio, same place and around the same time as some of our encantada sessions. they have a slinky, pink floyd-y crawl that’s pretty cool. graeme gibson, who engineered the first ep and plays drums has a nice touch at the kit and at the mix. see them, see them.

and also taking up a lot of turntable time is september 000 – the 1st lp from texas’ secret machines – also recorded at clava around the same time. very big sound, great album. showcases the deft hand of producer brian deck at his most subtle…superbad. they’re also another example of one of my rules of rock: bands with brothers usually are really good. see them, see them.



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