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Dec 15th: Letters To Santa 24-Hour Benefit At Second City E.T.C.

The modern portrayal of Santa Claus frequently...

Little Haley is too polite to mention Santa's halitosis.

The blindingly popular, mom-pleasing Jeff Tweedy! The backwoods gentleman stomp of Robbie Fulks! The aching balladry of Nina Nastasia! The earnest perspiration of Horatio Sanz! Chicago, can you take 24 solid hours of world-class music and comedy entertainment? No. No you can’t. But you can show up and catch what you can, because it’s for needy kids and will run you a mere fifteen clams at the door. The 24-hour schedule and info:

The Second City is proud to announce the 8th annual event: “The Second City That Never Sleeps: Letters to Santa” – 24 consecutive hours of improvisation by Second City performers and alumni featuring a variety of special guest artists – a tradition that provides presents for needy children during the holiday season and this year wraps up a weekend of events around The Second City ‘s 50th Anniversary.

Doors will open at 5:45pm. The show will begin on Tuesday, December 15th in The Second City e.t.c. (1608 N. Wells St, 2nd Floor of Piper’s Alley) at 6:00pm and will conclude on Wednesday, December 16th at 6:00pm.

An ensemble of Chicago’s best known improvisers (along with alumni of The Second City) will take the stage for an entire 24-hour period. Improvisational games, scenes, songs, monologues and random acts of weirdness inspired by sleep deprivation will accompany performances by such artists as Robbie Fulks, Jeff Tweedy, UCB’s ASSSCAT, Bonnie Prince Billy, The Mountain Goats and The Blisters.

Listed below is the current performance schedule. For schedule updates, visit

Performance Schedule:

12/15/09 – 7:00pm

Jeff Tweedy

12/15/09 – 10:00pm

Robbie Fulks

12/16/09 – 12:00am

UCB’s Asssscat with Matt Walsh, Horatio Sanz and Chicago friends

12/16/09 – 3:00am

Flash-mob Marching Band

12/16/09 – 6:00am

Bonnie Prince Billy

12/16/09 – 7:30am


12/16/09 – 12:00p

Nina Nastasia

12/16/09 – 2:00pm

The Mountain Goats

12/16/09 – 4:30pm

The Blisters

Tickets for “The Second City That Never Sleeps: Letters to Santa” are $15.00 for the 24 hour period and can be purchased at the door. The event is open to all ages. Alcohol will be available to those 21 years and older from 6:00p-2:00a and from noon-6:00pm.

In addition to raffle prizes offered during the event, there will also be an auction to win a private performance with Jeff Tweedy.

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David Yow: Broken Rib?

The Jesus Lizard

Image by ATP admin via Flickr

RW370 gets a lot of traffic from searches on “David Yow“, which means I feel kind of extra-compelled to repeat reports that Mr. David Yow may have broken a rib during the second encore at last night’s Jesus Lizard show in Chicago.  Eyewitness accounts say that a bit of crowd surfing went badly and dropped the often-pantsless greatest singer ever to the floor from an injurious height. An ambulance was sighted outside the club.

Best wishes to Mr. Yow!  Are these reports correct and complete?  Will he quickly recover?  Will my tickets for tonight’s Jesus Lizard show become collector’s items?

UPDATE:  I got an email from TJL’s manager relating that David’s injury is a rib contusion, producing a lot of pain, but nothing more serious, and that “The intention is to continue with tonight’s show but you won’t see him in the crowd.”  Not for the first time, anesthetic wishes are extended from these pages to Mr. David Yow and his oft-battered chest cavity.

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