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LoseThos: When God Tells You To Build An OS, You Build An OS

For nerds only: A pretty fascinating software project called LoseThos is the seven-year full-time effort of a gentleman who

– decided that the world needed an entire operating system geared toward recreational programming

– built the OS, toolkit, just-in-time compilation, integrated data types and other rare features while leaving behind virtual memory, paging and networking

– claims to have been guided in building this OS by a man in the sky

– may well have been driven mad by guilt at the unpardonable sin of working for irredeemable, scumbag-owned, customer-gouging operation Ticketmaster in the 1990s

– according to Reddit posters, has been banned from various online fora due to excessive prostelyzation (of both the sky-man and OS design varieties)

– has somehow managed to make a text-based command-line user interface more dancey and distracting than a GUI

– during narration of his demo videos, uses a voice that falls somewhere between Jesse Ventura’s and Fozzie Bear’s

– uses his OS to make Aspergerian 8-bit-esque music that is somehow related to weird, blunt, epigrammatic lyrics that reference the sky-guy and himself in seemingly equal measure.  Oh wait, he doesn’t make that music.  God does.

– has provided nearly a morning’s worth of enjoyment and wonder.  Is his pioneering work boldly rewriting the assumptions of a computing world transformed by solid state storage, or is it the fevered labor of  a monomaniac whose notions of “can engineer” and “should engineer” are hopelessly intertwined? Either way, thanks, Mr. LoseThos.


There Really Ought To Be An Idol Building Code

When I first read that Touchdown Jesus had been struck by lightning and had burned to the ground, my thoughts went to the collective psychiatric health of the people of South Bend, Indiana. Surely, the loss of such a cornerstone icon of Notre Dame football would have ruined the month for a few nearby.

Then the calculations began; I need to stay on top of these things as the upcoming Independence Day celebration means this is the time of year I break policy and travel from Chicago to neighboring Indiana to obtain fireworks. The last thing I need on that trip is to show my set of Illinois license plates while traveling among an agitated population of armed, confederate-flag waving boneheads whose only moral restraint went up in the flames with their local idol.

As it turns out, I needn’t have worried. For this is the midwestern United States, and we wouldn’t dream of putting all our Touchdown Jesii in a single basket, no sir. Today is the day that I learned that “Touchdown Jesus” means different things to different people – that over in Ohio, they had their own six-story tall Touchdown Jesus (a statue, not a mural as in Indiana) just outside Cincinnati for years.

Note the “had” – half-assed idol construction and inclement weather combined last night to restore a measure of natural beauty to the landscape by a cleansing $700,000 fire.

While it is comforting to know that the charitable causes to feed the hungry and clothe the naked in the state of Ohio had no need for the 700 grand that went into the construction of a six-story tall exercise in Touchdown Jesus one-upsmanship, as the hat is passed yet again for its replacement, I urge these and all future idolators to not cheap out.  Make sure to use stone or gold next time.  To do otherwise leaves your idol subject to lighting bolts thrown by God, whose patience for tacky crap is apparently on par with my own.



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