LoseThos: When God Tells You To Build An OS, You Build An OS

For nerds only: A pretty fascinating software project called LoseThos is the seven-year full-time effort of a gentleman who

– decided that the world needed an entire operating system geared toward recreational programming

– built the OS, toolkit, just-in-time compilation, integrated data types and other rare features while leaving behind virtual memory, paging and networking

– claims to have been guided in building this OS by a man in the sky

– may well have been driven mad by guilt at the unpardonable sin of working for irredeemable, scumbag-owned, customer-gouging operation Ticketmaster in the 1990s

– according to Reddit posters, has been banned from various online fora due to excessive prostelyzation (of both the sky-man and OS design varieties)

– has somehow managed to make a text-based command-line user interface more dancey and distracting than a GUI

– during narration of his demo videos, uses a voice that falls somewhere between Jesse Ventura’s and Fozzie Bear’s

– uses his OS to make Aspergerian 8-bit-esque music that is somehow related to weird, blunt, epigrammatic lyrics that reference the sky-guy and himself in seemingly equal measure.  Oh wait, he doesn’t make that music.  God does.

– has provided nearly a morning’s worth of enjoyment and wonder.  Is his pioneering work boldly rewriting the assumptions of a computing world transformed by solid state storage, or is it the fevered labor of  a monomaniac whose notions of “can engineer” and “should engineer” are hopelessly intertwined? Either way, thanks, Mr. LoseThos.

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