Robwatch: Now Blogging On Chicago Foibles At True/Slant

Looking north from the North Michigan Avenue B...

Not pictured: my new office

I’ve been offered a gig blogging on the subject of Chicago-area foibles for True/Slant, also known as the online home of Rolling Stone reporter (and co-founder of the great Buffalo Beast) Matt Taibbi.  Check out the ruckus, assuming there is ruckus.  (Note: there may be more hubbub than ruckus.  In fact, there’s probably going to more tumult than ruckus, hubbub or hurly-burly.

In a while, I’m going to be experimenting with some humorous multimedia content focused on Chicago politics and civics; grab the RSS feed at the True/Slant page to stay on top of developments, or take your chances that I scrupulously update RW370. Ha.  Ha-ha.

And if I may, let me make a statement here about what I thought was obvious (but might not be) about RW370.

This is a personal blog, not a goddamn brand.  I’m not a brand, so neither is this place. I do appear on some places that handle themselves as brands, and that’s fine for them.  But I do not do that here.

That’s bad media policy today, I am fully aware. It’s poor career handling, amateur eyeball wrangling.  And I don’t care.  You don’t want to read this? You don’t want to follow the feed?  You don’t want to pass along a link from here? I can’t even begin to express how okay I am with that.

I’m fine with that because I know that not everything is for everyone.  And by that I mean there’s nothing in the world that guarantees that you are qualified to be here. You might not get it.  Or, you might get it and not like it. These are fair outcomes, and not at all my problem.

My problem begins and ends with three tasks.  I have to:

  • figure out what I think about stuff
  • find out what happened when stuff happens
  • write the above down here and elsewhere

The way I see it, if you need anything past this, you’re in the wrong place.

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