HP Photosmart 1115 Driver + OSX 10.5.7 = Bummer

imgPhotoSmart 11151Hello, Googler.

I know why you’re here.  You tried to print from OSX 10.5.7 to your old HP Photosmart 1115 inkjet printer, didn’t you?

And what did you get for your trouble?  You found and installed the driver (e.g. “P1115”), you fired off a print job and the printer just sat there looking at you, didn’t it?

Well sure it did.  If it had worked, you wouldn’t be Googling around for a fix and you wouldn’t have found this blog post.

Brother / sister, I have your solution — and it’s not what you’d expect.  I stumbled across a magic bullet for this problem and now I will share it with you right here on teh intertubes.

This is what you do:

Send all the documents you want to print into the print queue, just select print as normal. The printer won’t move, but the jobs will go to the print queue.  If you open up OSX “Print & Fax” and select “View Queue” you’ll see them in there, trapped like kittens in a sewer.

Now make sure you know your user password.  Know it?  Good.

Now log out. Don’t turn the printer off, don’t touch anything, just log out of your Mac.  Use the Apple drop-down in the far upper left hand corner of the screen.

Usually when you log out of a machine, it’s the end of your session and time to focus on something else.  But not this time.  Oh, no.

Whirrr, whizz, g-zoo, g-zoo, g-zoo says the HP Photosmart 1115 once you log out – and every job in the queue gets printed!  You can even log back in before the jobs are done – which is handy since the 1115 seems to take five minutes per sheet.  In any case, you’ll need your user password to log back in, which is why I mentioned it.

Bizarre, I know.  But it works.

You’re welcome, Googler.


2 Responses to “HP Photosmart 1115 Driver + OSX 10.5.7 = Bummer”

  1. July 29, 2009 at 12:57 pm

    This is the best tech advice post I’ve ever seen. Top of Google search.

    Thank you Bobby Warm One!

  2. 2 Nele
    October 31, 2009 at 9:47 am

    It works,
    well, your workaround,
    not the normal Mac printing.

    Thank you!

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