War Crimes: Investigate, Prosecute, Enforce The Law You Were Trained In

Mr. President,

Don’t walk away.  They have dropped all pretense – they admitted to torture.  They even used the word.  It’s not ambiguous.  It’s not convenient, it’s not expedient, but it is the only reason I voted for you. I expect you to know why and how to redress the war crimes and gross structural distortions of and by the previous administration’s executive branch.

Yoo.  Mukasey.  Addington.  Cheney.  Rumsfeld.  Bush.  Gonzalez.  A list of atrocious thugs who warped and distorted the executive branch, lowering this government to ethical equivalence with that of Egypt’s with their outrageous justifications for torture and extraordinary rendition.

Don’t be civil.  Make the lawyers scramble to get lawyers.  Make the oilmen reshuffle their 2009 schedules.

Make them pay for what they did in our name.  For pimping this country to the shameful depths of Pinochet’s Chile.  Show the people who put you there that your legal training was not merely a leg up to personal ambition.

It’s true that the core of the neocon war hawks saw what the executive branch could get away with when they were starting their careers under Ford.  They saw Ford pardon Nixon to end the country’s “long national nightmare” of Watergate.

He didn’t end a damn thing.  As soon as those craven pricks – Cheney, Rumsfled, Wolfowitz – returned to the White House, the atrocities began.  Wars of choice based on lies, the sneering at the rule of law.  Giving al-Quaeda everything they demanded, giving Saudi Arabia nothing they deserved.  And pocketing personal windfalls the whole time.

When they were junior staffers in the Ford White house, Ford taught them they could get away with it – whatever “it” was.

They had to think they could get away with it – no other mindset could be behind what we saw 2001-2009.

Teach them otherwise, Senior Lecturer.


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