Bloodthirst, Israeli-Style

Above: (Kosher) War Pig Avigdor Lieberman

Ultra-nationalist Israeli Avigdor Lieberman’s speech to Bar-Ilan University on Monday set a new low for that democracy’s discourse, calling for treating Gaza the “like the US did with Japan in WWII.” Apparently, raining missiles from Apache helicopters and F-15 jets onto densely packed civilian blocks in Gaza hasn’t killed enough children for some in the Israeli right.


JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israel should follow the example set by the United States when it brought Japan to its knees at the end of World War II, the head of an ultra-nationalist opposition party was quoted as saying Tuesday.

“We must continue to fight Hamas just like the United States did with the Japanese in World War II,” Avigdor Lieberman said, according to the website of the Jerusalem Post newspaper.

Japan surrendered in 1945 after atomic bombs were dropped on the cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

Lieberman, who quit Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s coalition government last year, said Israel needed to “break the will” of Hamas in Gaza where more than 900 Palestinians have been killed in a war that began on December 27.

“Israel won’t be secure so long as Hamas is in power, and therefore we need to come to a decision that we will break the will of Hamas to keep fighting,” he was quoted as saying during a speech at Bar-Ilan University, near Tel Aviv.

Lieberman’s comments, which were widely broadcast on radio stations in Gaza and circulated on text messages, drew a withering response from senior Palestinians.

Mustafa Barghuthi, an independent lawmaker and former Palestinian information minister, said Lieberman’s comments reflected the contempt felt by Israelis towards the Palestinians.

“This shows one more time that Israel never learn lessons from the past and rather invokes one of the bloodiest massacres in history to be the fate of the Gazans. They don’t have respect for human life”, he said.

Lieberman’s right-wing Yisrael Beitenu party, which draws its core support from Israel’s large Russian immigrant community, is tipped to emerge as the fourth largest party in elections due on February 10.

Pudgy chicken-hawks with no personal appetite for fighting yet much taste for blood are not a phenomenon unique to Israel – we have them in the US and they’re called neoconservatives. While our own desk-bound murderers – the Feiths, Perles, Kristols and Krauthammers – have been driven momentarily back to the shadows, their legacy of total incompetence in protecting the interests of the US are plain to see in this latest frothing of the Israeli right-wing.

Not only is the comparison to the US-Japan WWII fight hysterically incompetent for the simple fact that Gazans have no navy, no aircraft carriers, no army and no industrial base – but the implication to use nuclear weapons in Gaza – located right in Israel’s own borders – is tantamount to Manhattan attacking Brooklyn with nuclear weapons. It’s like setting fire to your next door neighbor’s house – you’re likely to burn down your own.

How is it that moronic slobs like these are not laughed right out of the room? Where are the adults?

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