Union-Busting Southern Republicans Just Might Be NASCAR’s Biggest Enemy

“I have automobile plants in my district. They pay $25 to $35 per
employee per hour,” said Rep. Spencer Bachus (R) of Alabama, ranking
Republican on the House Financial Services Committee. “I am sure that I
am going to be asked, ‘Congressman, I work at Honda or
Mercedes, I make $40 an hour; why are you going to take my taxpayer
dollars and pay it to a company who pays their employees $75 an hour?

It’s no secret that the south is not fond of unionized labor.  The attitude can hardly come as a surprise given that prior to 1865, the south regarded its own labor force as owned property.  It’s easy to be in love with the free market when you’re the one with the keys to the ankle cuffs.

For Dixie, the transition from chains to employee handbook has been a troubled one with many victims.  Spurred by the current economic crisis, could the south’s most beloved sporting franchise be the next?  Put another way, is NASCAR in just as much danger as the UAW?

If the parade of southern Republican drawling heads railing on television against the auto industry bailout is any indication, the answer is a resounding yes.  While blaming the unionized labor force entirely for the sorry state of the US auto industry is exactly what you’d expect from business interests on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line, this time around the calls to put those uppity line workers in their place are flirting with the very real possibility of wiping out the US automakers’ domination of NASCAR tracks.

Inspect the running order of any NASCAR race and you will find GM products in the vast majority, followed by Chrysler, Ford, and, yes, Toyota.  Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and creeping free-market globalism to be sure – thanks solely to thirty years of union-crushing by southern Republicans (and the boardrooms and radical libertarian think tanks that paid for their legislation and deregulation.) Blaming the union not only insults the men and women who put together the stock NASCAR vehicles, but it ensures that foreign-owned non-union cars will step into the gaps left by a wiped-out big three.

The irony burns brighter than a cross. The culture most associated with blue-collar pride and bumper-sticker patriotism has been routinely been led by the nose into debacle after debacle — they’ve tolerated local economic devastation, slashed education spending, Iraq.  But now, it’s serious: their elected leadership is messing with Chevys at Talladega.  Every lie now told about UAW workers being paid $75 an hour serves to ensure more Toyotas at Daytona.  Can the south tolerate this latest unintended consequence of blaming the workers?

The infield spectacle of 60-year-old female racing fans taking off their tube tops says “Charger” a lot louder than it says “Camry”, and racing fans seem to know it.  With the very essence of NASCAR at stake, will the fans in the stands roll over for business interests again and jeer the union as the big three die off?

2 Responses to “Union-Busting Southern Republicans Just Might Be NASCAR’s Biggest Enemy”

  1. 1 Pete
    February 22, 2009 at 7:01 pm

    So, unions are good for the bottom line? How much do the big three pay retired union workers in retirement pay and benefits as a percentage of their total costs? A very close friend of mine is in the mortgage business and refinances a loan for a UAW fella that bitches and moans about the economy and has a salary in the six-figures but only works on the assembly line. Are you for unionizing landscapers so that the Mexican that has made his way here can get a “living wage” that is two or three times the going rate for a manual laborer?

    NASCAR’s biggest enemy is the greedy unions and stupid, country destroying liberals. Unions and socialism go hand-in-glove so it’s no wonder unions continually vote for liberal Democrats. You deserve Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and the trillion dollars in debt for bailouts…excuse me, PORK for stupid BS programs. Enjoy your liberal idiots you voted for. I sure hope I still have a few dollars (and my guns) left after your douche-bags get voted out of office.

    But hey, I love NASCAR and I would prefer to see only American cars run regardless of Union BS. Put foreign cars in another class and put those fart-mufflers on all of them…my son and I would laugh for a lap or two and then we’d switch back to something worth watching.


    • February 23, 2009 at 2:03 am


      Thanks for your comment. Given that the UAW built most of the cars you watch run around in a circle, I look forward to the day you can find entertainment that you can enjoy without being forced into such gigantic hypocrisy. It must be a little like watching the World Series even though it was found out that al-Quaeda supplied each player’s steroids. I can see why you have guns – the world must be a very irritating place for you.

      I do want to point out a problem with your suggestion about what unions vote for, because it’s perfectly wrong. In 1980, unions voted overwhelmingly for Ronald Reagan, who immediately set about thirty years of wiping out labor’s powerbase in the US (look up PATCO if you’re interested). Three decades of government overwhelmingly favoring business interests are why our economy has tanked — and by the way, is also the same reason banks got the first trillion while you and I got nothing. Those business interests keep you worried about liberals while they pick your pocket year in and year out.

      Speaking of outrage, the next time you see your close friend in the mortgage business, please ask him how many loans he services. I bet you’ll find he doesn’t, and that he sold them all off. That might start a discussion that would bring you up to speed on why this economy is in the toilet when you understand how much of that business used to be illegal before Reagan’s election.

      Vroom vroom,


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