House Democrats: Only Most Of Them Are Gutless

The order of things is laid bare, if not plain.

As Wall Street plays chicken with Capitol Hill, both presidential candidates drop everything and bend to kiss the ring of the plutocracy.  Both candidates pledge support to the aristocracy’s shiftless, broke offspring, booted from the blackjack tables and looking for a handout. The public speed-dials its AM radio moral-minstrel shows and parrot that poor people are to blame for the financial crisis, not the hucksters that cynically sold them a middle-class dream time-bomb mortgage and pocketed the commission.  And in a week of struggle on the Hill over suburbanite Cubs fan Henry Paulson’s $1 Trillion protection-racket pitch, the prime interference has been run not by Democrats, but by moderate Republicans, long burned by their own simplistic party line-toeing yet fully aware that Wall Street is as deserving of a blank check as a jabbering bag lady is of watching your kid for a couple of hours.

So where are the Dems?  Pantsless, supine and prone to business interests. As the great Buffalo Beast once put it so succinctly: Nanci Pelosi literally has no balls. No Iraq pullout. No impeachment articles.  And now, no real resistance to The Shakedown.

But is every Dem at a loss for words?  Of course not.  Certainly not enough of them are rising to their hind legs, but the ones that are deserve a spotlight.  It’s going to make a big difference to everybody in the future to know who in the poor’s party stood up and who rolled over this month.

Dennis Kucinich from Ohio knows what a class war looks like:

Jack McDermott from Washington State: Not rolling over

Brad Sherman from California: Justifiedly dubious

Peter DeFazio of Oregon: Not born yesterday

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