Baseball Is Ruining Steroids

When Gerard Cosloy invited me to write some stuff for his sports blog Can’t Stop The Bleeding, it took me a while to get in the groove re: the 2005 World Champion White Sox in their ’08 campaign. I guess being a fan of a first-place baseball team isn’t enough to clear the cobwebs. Luckily, fear and loathing has since taken over. Once it sank in that the goddamn Cubs were all the way in it this year, I got to work. I can’t even entertain the idea of staying on the bench for this.

Here then, for those so inclined, are this summer’s screeds so far at CSTB.

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There Is No Sanctuary: Contreras Out For Season, Ozzie Questions Logan’s Manhood

A Different Kind Of Tension: White Sox Pen Keeps It Interesting

Whip Ineffective Against Tigers, Mauling Results

14th Inning Stretch: CSTB Field Report

Samples Of Junior

Twins Call Up Liriano

Kenny Williams: An Enigma Wrapped In A Puzzle Concealed In A Desperate Need To Bench Paul Konerko

Bennigan’s Shuts Its Doors, Cubs Fans Take It Out On Whoever They Can

Danks Messes With Texas, Konerko Returns To Abled List

The Surge Isn’t Working: AL Central Heats Up

Will Chicago’s Real A. Ramirez Please Stand Up?

Buehrle’s Cutter Sweeps Away The Clutter: Sox Deliver Crosstown Payback

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