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Mayfair Workshop Opens Doors

Mayfair Workshop

What do Jeff Parker from Tortoise, Brian Wilson’s arranger, and the guy doing the music for the new Wachowski Brothers film Speed Racer have in common?

Each is part of the new Mayfair Workshop, a Chicago-based music composition house led by composer/producer/Coctail Mark Greenberg.

The Workshop is the next evolution of Mark’s much-cooler-than-it-needed-to-be Mayfair Recordings business providing “music for use” – soundtracks for TV spots, multimedia, video games, what have you.

While the contract composition arena is too often plagued with the worst ad-agency dross and hackery (and I speak from the experience of an aborted career in exactly that) Mark and company just cut better tracks – always listenable without picture. Their demos are akin to what you might hear if someone put together a spot soundtrack composition talent pool that had some.

What I can’t fathom is how these intrepid people at MW get around the clients. When I was similarly employed, I sure couldn’t. When some dork from BFD/Pissant would intrude on our sessions with helpful directions like “take the twangy guitar out of the surf music”, I rolled my eyes — couldn’t help it. I held out for almost two years, then gave up.

So instead of working on the Wachowski Speed Racer movie music in 2007, I’m a Warmowski who covered the theme from the Speed Racer TV show in 1984 with my obscure surf/punk band. See what happens when you can’t get over yourself?

Godspeed to the good ship MW!


Lee Hazlewood 1929-2007

Lee Hazlewood 1929-2007

Lee Hazlewood passed away in Las Vegas at the age of 78 a few hours ago. The baritone-voiced songwriter/producer’s career was filled with too many brilliant titles to list, (but I will mention his ur-instrumental Baja because the instrumental stuff always gets short shrift.)

The blog Presbytere has a great clip of a 2006 interview with Lee, telling the story of the recording of Some Velvet Morning. Lee drops enormous names like Hal Blaine and Billy Strange left and right as if these were the people he worked with all the time. Oh wait. They were.

We lost a giant.

Lee appears in his 1970 Swedish Cowboy in Sweden TV special performing No Train To Stockholm

EDIT: Great obit in New York Night Train



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