what, no shock and awe? make with the shock and awe!

if you haven’t already, please donate something towards tsunami aid and relief.

and let’s get some letters written to our congresspeople. let’s call upon them to rise up on their hind legs and put the same kind of elbow grease into aiding the stricken region as they did in railroading us into settling a bush family dispute in iraq.

we have got to speak up. the president doesn’t read. his new secretary of state is an incompetent woman who ducked her security-adviser responsibility for 9/11 by complaining that al-quaida never faxed her their plan.

these people aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.  it is possible that the key people in washington do not understand how many muslims there are to help in the wake of this horror.

in other words, this disaster is one of the best opportunities the united states could ever have to combat islamic terrorism. all we need to do is to be seen as putting even HALF of the fervor we had for war into …relief.

for a pittance – a few million – our government could very publically and unilaterally install a tide guage-based tsunami warning system for the indian ocean such as exists in the pacific ocean. the u.s. could finally be widely and unarguably seen as doing something for the poor who live in the third world’s squalor. we have a golden opportunity to reverse how we are currently seen: as only interested in the illegitimate and corrupt governments whose leaders live in the wealthy hilltop districts overlooking the squalor.

the doctrine of pre-emptive military action so successfully championed by wolfowitz, cheney and rumsfeld can be used as the precedent for this pre-emptive humanitarian action.

we went to war because we could – let’s do this for no other reason!

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