this song is so irritating, i need a drink

here’s a recent call for material form a internet radio station dedicated to broadcasting 24/7 for recovering addicts…how surreal to ask for music that is “not too irritating in nature”.

MODERN POP/ROCK SONGS that are “recovery-related” sought by the internet’s original, all music, fully licensed radio station dedicated to playing “recovery music” 24/7. Please do not submit instrumentals or songs that have any Christian, Praise and Worship, ACC or religious aspect to them. The songs should not be too irritating in nature and should have some kind of link to 12 Step Recovery in the lyrics, e.g. talking about “inventory” or “one day at a time”. Please be sure to stay away from mentioning any specific kind of Higher Power. Broadcast quality needed–great-sounding home demos are fine. Please submit one to three songs online or per CD/cassette, include lyric sheets. Please include the following for each writer involved with the song: song title, writers’ name(s), phone numbers, email addresses, PRO affiliation (if a member of ASCAP, BMI or SESAC, or specify “no affiliation”), and name and email of person making the submission. If the song is available for purchase on a CD, also include CD title, artist, and website URL where CD may be purchased. All songs forwarded will receive an email confirmation that they have been received by the station’s A&R department. Those chosen for airplay will also be notified as songs are added to the station’s playlist.

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